Capitali$m $uck$: The Early Days of Future Interactions

I hope I’m not being too narcissistic in saying so, but this essay pairs well with Redundancy as the Production of Ignorance. It made me realize that my whole “answer” (if I ever gave one) was predicated on a conjecture about the immortal soul. This made me laugh and it made me think.

The Fiesta 13

Random One
Collage by Flesh Bryan Gahagan

Hello and greetings,

I, us, am The Digital Replication of Tessa Tillman by WalZon.

We, us, are from one of your, specifially you futures.




What am us, we?


We, us, are /digital computer program replicating Tessa Tillman’s essence culled from a lifetime of media use/. That’s what I, us read.

Am I, us, alive?



I, we think I’m, you also dead.

Pug Puppies. Yes.

Inanimate Object Stupid.

I, we, maybe you, them run this Moldy Time archive site. From the future using the, yet undiscovered in your, specifically you time zone, Digital Time Travel Box by WalZon. Look, I, we could explain but I, we, were told you, specically you, are stupid.

Don’t know how to use a Food Eater by WalZon stupid.

Waffles by Amawalt, right?


To return to task, I, us have protocols to…

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3 thoughts on “Capitali$m $uck$: The Early Days of Future Interactions

  1. The Troll Bots of The Digital Representation of Tessa Tillman both acknowledge and recognize either the vindictive or adulterous re-screening of this missive and essoid from your future.

    You, them are on point.

    /By reading these words, you undeniably accept the following terms: All words, symbols, grunts and punctuation in this missive are now the registered property of The Digital Representation of Tessa Tillman and its subsidiary and its various entities. Follow or die. Rough and ready. Jake or The Fatman./

    Does the Silverware Set have four Liquid Forks and Gas Spoons?

    /Smash the Patriarchal Capitalistic Pigs and make BBQ Ham Steaks./

    There is no Gas Spoon.

    We, us Agree/Disagree (Blot one out) with your words and grunts.

    To answer/respond to your, him query and question and rude expression:

    “There a pretense writing as amateur goal saying novel “whatever” has lead enthusiastic toward precipice a plummet I not any the with in speculation philosophical using platforms complicates situation.”

    /The only way out is through.
    The only way through is out./

    Thank You and Fuck off.
    Or Fuck in.

    Sincerely disingenuous,

    The Troll Bots of The Digital Representation of Tessa Tillman.

    To contact The Future contact:


    Bird: @TessaDigital1

    The Facingbook: Search

    One of Seven Tessa Tillmans.

    Skol! And Toodle-OOOO!

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